About Me

My Background

When I was 3, I told my grandma I was an artist. I knew it. It felt right. And although I have worn and still wear many other creative hats, this truth still feels current. Culinary Arts and Interior Design are some of the subjects I have studied, as with Painting and Drawing at University for a short while, but the teachings I feel the most grateful to have followed remain "The Artist's Way" a self-study book by Julia Cameron and creative painting classes I attended at "L'atelier du Geste" in Montreal, which I found to be profoundly healing and supportive in my recovery as the Artist I've always known myself to be. 

My Medium


While I sometimes only use acrylics, mixed media a.k.a "whatever material I can get my hands on that is inspiring me in my creative moment" is what I use to create my Art. I find mixing a diversity of materials to be the most effective way to express the energy that moves me. Pastels, pencil, markers, wall paint, paper, glitter...I listen to what my inspiration is guiding me to use, every step along the way. 

My Inspiration


Walking the streets around where  I live, surrounding myself with inspiring music fitting the moment, the mood of the day is probably one of my most favourite way to get the creative juices flowing. From the cracks on the sidewalk to the shapes and hues created by chipped paint on a beaten house, I see art everywhere! And this sight, this acuteness feels me, connects me to my SOUL; the vantage point from which my Art comes from.